Monday 2016.01.25


I'm feeling a bit ill today. I have an extremely sensitive throat. So the cold, windy, wet weather here in Gothenburg isn't really that good for me during winter. Well well, what to do? 
I finally came to my senses (after two years) and decided to get my macbook fixed. I went to town and the Apple store, and then I realized that my macbook was still standing in my hallway... 
Anyways, I did some shopping whilst in town instead. I recently moved, so I still need to do the final touches in ny new apartment. I went to Artilleriet (top photo) as usual, and got some nice stuff (pics below) 

Then I went back home to get my macbook. It's one hour back and forth so that sucked. 
When I asked them how much it's gonna cost me to fix what's wrong with my computer, they told me "Either 0 or 8000 crowns (about 1000 dollars)". Thanks for giving me a clear answer. Crossing my fingers! 

Now I'm enjoying the evening with a nice hot & spicy tomato soup with cabbage, spinach and soy mince to cure my throat. 
I won't even write a recipe for this, because the great thing about tomato soup is that you can pretty much throw anything you like into it, and it will end up tasting great!