Sniffin' scents

Today I woke up at noon and felt a bit ill, but the weather was so wonderful I kinda felt the urge to go outside anyway. Luckily, my good old friend Erik (he sang in my old band Inkvisitionen) was visiting from Stockholm and wanted someone to have a coffee with. So I bounced out of bed and went to town. After the coffee we walked around town and tried a hundred perfumes. Lately, I've started to become interested in perfumes, so I think I'm gonna make a list of my favourite ones some other day! 
I also made my first faceplant for this winter, in town right in front of people. I layed on the ground and thought about life for two seconds. 
Now I'm having a glass of 16 y/o Lagavulin whisky and enjoying the night

A snowy Gothenurg is fantastic!