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Went to Stockholm for a photoshoot for the clothing brand Deadwood this weekend. They make fantastic denim and leather clothing. They have a sustainable thinking with their clothing and use "leftover" leather parts that are supposed to be thrown away. So even me as a vegan can back that up. I know that I'm a vegan, but at the same time I'm trying to be somewhat of an enviromentalist. And buying a new vegan product instead of, for example, buying a leather wallet on second hand feels kinda contraproductive for me. But at the same time I understand vegans who gets sickened by the thought of wearing leather. 
Anyhow, the guys from Deadwood are the best guys ever to work with. I was smart and went to an afterparty the night before the shoot, so I ended up drinking until two hours before the meetup, so I got one hour of sleep, wooohoo! But when I got there they had problems with location. We were supposed to shoot in a hotelroom in Gamla Stan, but when the hotel heard that we were going to take photos, they denied us to rent the room. But we ended up shooting in Deadwoods office space all day, and it turned out really good! Afterwards we celebrated with loads of beer-margaritas. 

I ended up staying a couple days extra to hang with friends, drink beer, eat food (at Flippin' burgers) and my buddy William Roos (great tattoo artist and bassist in Grieved) was supposed to tattoo my face, but in the end we couldn't find the time. Well well, next time! 
I also met an old friend for drinks at Grand Hotel on sunday to talk about food and my cooking, and some cool things might be happening in the future! 
I have slept for approx 6-7 hours this weekend, so I'm glad I barely have any hours at work this week. 

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