Japanese teriyaki savoy cabbage


My first recipe will be a pretty easy one. Those who follow me on instagram probably know that I am a vegan and I cook mostly asian. Japanese food is my absolute favourite. 

This is a dish that is pretty light, so don't make this if you're super hungry. 

For one portion you'll need: 
Two-three large savoy cabbage leaves
50-100 grams of soy mince
A spoonful of miso 
1,5 TBS teriyaki sauce 
0,5 TBS Rice vinegar 
Vegetable oil

Tear up the cabbage leaves in fairly large pieces and barely cover them with water in a pot and bring to boil. Prepare the soy mince in a frying pan at the same time and when the mince is ready, place it in the bowl you're serving in. 
When the cabbage start getting soft, add the miso-paste. Boil for a couple of minutes. Heat up butter (and oil) in the frying pan and start to stir-fry the cabbage (leave the miso broth in the pot for now). When the cabbage get a bit of colour, add the miso, teriyaki and vinegar and bring to boil again. 
When the cabbage start to get a bit "soggy", it's done! Place it on top of the mince, pour the miso/teriyaki-broth that's left in the frying pan over the cabbage and top with a little bit of butter, chives and your favourite hot spices!